Explosion-Proof Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Good quality/good performance with low price explosion-proof wire rope electric hoist is the most popular hoist for single beam overhead cane, because of their features of smart body, tight structure, more safety, common parts, very strong lifting weight as well as convenient maintenance. The good quality and good performance with low price explosion-proof wire rope electric hoist can also work by fixing on rail of I-beam. 
Good quality ex-proof wire rope hoist moving in straight or curve line on the I beam; can be installed in the fixed support to lift the heavy goods, and can be used together with the explosion proof single beam crane or double beam crane.
This hoist is used in ambient temperature of -25°C~+40°C,humidity≤85%,elevation under 1000m,power source is 3-phase, 380V,50HZ (can change as users’ requirement).
Safety is the most important factor for good quality with low price explosion-proof good performance heavy wire rope electric hoist. In order to ensure staffs and environment safety, our hoist equip the below safety devices:
1. With weight overload protection
2. With lifting height limit
3. Equip voltage lower protection
4. Equip phase sequence protection
5. Equip emergency stop function 
6. Rain cover for hoist in outside, driving units, electrical cable
7. Flashing lights, warming sound 
8. Special no-spark materials, reliable explosion-proof performance for hoist exposed parts.