Electric Wire Rope Hoist

The CD/MD model wire rope electric hoist as a type small and light lifting tool, which can be installed in single girder crane, bridge crane(eot crane), gantry crane, cantilever crane, etc. They can meet the requirements of lifting and moving goods.
There are features of compact, light, smooth operation and small-size shape for electric wire rope hoist model CD and MD. It can be used not only on the overhead crane rails, but also be used in conjunction with many types of electric cranes such as the single-beam crane, the double beam crane, the jib crane and the gantry crane. The electric hoist model MD1 with double lifting speed(fast speed/slow speed) should be adapted to some cases where the hoist model CD1 with single speed cannot meet the requirements for fine adjusting during precision operations.
1. Overload protection: If the goods is over the rated capacity, the crane will show a sharp warning to protection itself.
2. Emergency brake: If the operation person come across some emergency situation, we could start the emergency brake system to protection people from danger.
3. Control Method: Pendent control or remote control to avoid some injure to the operation person.
4. Main lifting motor: With thermal protection.
5. Hooks with latch.
6. Rubber buffers.
7. All hoists must be fulfill the work of preassmeble and test before leaving factory and provide the certification of testing.