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Hot Sale Industrial Crane European Wireless Remote Control

Crane Remote Control are used for tower cranes, overhead cranes, concrete pumps, concrete mixers, shipyard, etc., for industrial, agricultural, clean, drainage and other industries.
1. Overhead Crane Remote Control
Overhead crane is one of the most widely used areas of industrial overhead crane radio remote control systems. In particular, in metallurgy, automobile manufacturing, paper mills and material warehouses, are all equipped with industrial overhead crane radio remote control systems.
2. Mobile crane, truck crane wireless radio remote control system
Typically, the large car crane remote control system is also equipped with a data feedback device, the feedback device can be displayed on the operating system display system, the operator can monitor the data according to the display. 
3. Concrete pump truck wireless radio remote control system
The traditional mode of concrete pump operation to be completed with the number of people, low efficiency, limiting the performance of concrete pump truck to play. The use of industrial remote control device can maximize the machine's performance. The driver locates the truck, then carry the remote control system to operate concrete pump truck.
4. Mining machinery
Mine visibility is low. With remote control systems, greatly increased the safety of operation, comfort and accuracy, saving investment and improve efficiency.
5. Crawler slag loader
The use of industrial remote control device, without changing the existing manual mode of operation to achieve the purpose of unmanned to complete the slag operation. The Eliminating the harsh environment, the unclear line of sight, the hidden dangers from high temperature. Improve the efficiency of cleaning operations, improve the working environment of metallurgical workers and reduce the labor intensity of workers.

Conditions of Use(Wireless remote control)
1.Control Distance: 100m
2.Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C (Regardless of the battery temperature tolerance)
3.Protection Class: IP65
4.Receiver Voltage: 220V/380V/VAC,or 12/24/36/48 VDC