Pillar Mounted Slewing Jib Crane

Jib crane is a medium-speed and small lifting equipment developed recently years. It has features of unique structures , easily operation, high, efficiency, energy-saving , effort-saving , and flexibility etc. It can be operated under many conditions. It have great performance in the situation of short distance, concentrated lifting. It is widely used at various sites, such as workshop, factory, and need material lifting areas.

This type 360°rotation floor mounted jib crane with electric hoist work with light intensity, rotating arm, electric wire rope/chain hoist and rotation drive device, column bottom fixed by anchor bolt through on the concrete foundation, cantilever rotary driven by cycloidal pinwheel reducer, electric hoist travelling on the cantilever beams from left to right, and lifting heavy goods up and down. Jib crane with hollow steel structure, light weight, big span, lifting weight, economy and durable and son on.
 Features and Advantages: 
1)Simple and compact structure;
2) Nice and good performance;
3) Smooth working and stopping(braking);
4) Operation easily, smoothly traveling;
5) Low cost, low noise and nice appearance;
6) High quality and competitive price;
7) Convenient maintenance due to easy get for parts and components;
8) Reduce energy consumption;

Technical parameters
1.Rated Lifting capacity: 0.5~16t.
2. Arm length:3~7m (Can be customized according to your special demands)
3. Lifting Height: No limited (Can be customized according to your real demands)
4. Power Source: 380V, 50HZ, 3 phase or under customer's local industry voltage.
5. Lifting mechanism: Electric chain hoist or wire rope hoists
6. Working Temperature: -25~+40°C
7. Slewing Mechanism: Electric motor type or Manual control type(Two kinds type for optional)
8. Main Material: Q235B Mn Steel
9. Slewing angle:are 90, 180, 270, 360 degree, based on your optional as per your actual requirements